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Red White Project - Israeli Culinary. in Ramat Hagolan

Israeli cuisine today is one of the finest in the world, we set out on a national project to bring you a variety of options for a culinary trip in Israel.

And this time we are in the Golan Heights.

We started in the northern Golan Heights in hosting Druze authentic food from Majdal Shams #

From there we continued to the Birkat Ram market, and to the T-bone restaurant, we spent the night at the Ein Zivan Hotel,

The next day we had a special culinary experience with the sitting chef, there is nothing like finishing with a good wine so we drove south to the Golan Heights to Sukoria Winery.

Have a nice watch and see you in the next episode.

#רמת הגולן .#קולינריה,#YTRAVEL,#תיירות ,#ישראל


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