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Y-travel is not only a job - it’s a way of life

The members of Y TRAVEL are content creators and influence that travel and creation are an integral part of them.

Through collaboration within our community, we travel and create content and exposure to hundreds of thousands of views of our followers waiting to see the words on a new destination.

A member of Y TRAVEL earns according to his level determined by parameters of content quality, and exposure ability.

Our community of influencers consists of members whom each specialize in their field whether it is editing, photography, directing, exposure, production, styling, and everything needed to create quality content. Our main strength Y TRAVEL is collaboration between community members' to create campaigns.

What does it mean ? As community members and content creators you must understand all the parameters, and

for that we have created a training program. But you do not have to specialize in all of these in one of a variety of topics.

Who would be a suitable candidate for Y-travel?

Those who:


Creativity is their passion

Love waking up in new places

Love to meet new people

Love to share their experiences

Think a little differently


Love freedom and nature

If you want to become part of our traveling data producing community - we at Y-travel would love to get to know you

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