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Companies - Travel Businesses

With Y TRAVEL companies in the field of tourism, we win the marketing of a content campaign that includes the creation of quality content and exposure to an exact target audience, all with one click in an innovative application.

And all for hosting and a nominal fee, relative to the content production and campaign market.

Millions of businesses have spent billions of dollars reaching a billion annual travelers. Campaigns and data are critical values for business growth.

This leaves the small businesses small - unable to compete with the big players.


We have created a platform that saves the big players 85% of their campaign, and allows the small players to join the game!

How is this done?

  1. UGC - User Generated Content - our community of in-house trained influencers who create effective online data.

  2. Advertising by connecting between Y-travel’s community of data-producing influencers and Travel businesses. Exposure on social media to hundreds of thousands of travelers.

  3. Segmentation and precision - the key to reaching your target audience in a cost-effective manner.


In traditional advertising, it was necessary to advertise to 2 million people in order to reach 200,000 people from your actual target audience - a lot of money!

Y-travel locates your target audience prior to beginning your campaign!

Your business is matched to an influencer who becomes a pipeline to your target audience.

We are not dependent on Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram - we work with real people - an independent network with power multipliers.

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