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Y-Creator Program

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My name is Yinon Elnatan


Founder of Y-travel, an Israeli tourism startup,

I’m inviting you to a lifestyle that combines Career and travel


I’m a movie director and producer with 15 years of experience in the tourism field.

In recent years I’ve visited hundreds of amazing places in our country, and around the

world. This was enabled thanks to the data I produced for tourism businesses, over 1,500

movie clips.

My customers are hotels, Restaurants, Various attractions, and Municipalities.


The Y generation has created for us an endless opportunity and anyone can be a data producer and professional Marketer.

Tourism businesses are in desperate need of creative and professional data in order to

reach the potential tourist, these businesses are always searching for creative solutions for promoting their business.

We have used our experience to create a startup within the last two years that trains data-producing Influencers and connects them with our customers, Tourism businesses.

If you connected to the idea of creativity and travel

But don't know where to begin... 

That’s exactly why we created a training program in which graduates will become part of our community of Influencers.

Travel for free.  Influence.  Profit.


In the course, we will learn how to create professional data and get it exposed to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

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Enjoy access to thousands of customers around the world

The number of openings is limited
For detailed information about the course

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